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Grit Eliminator

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(The Grit Eliminator) works awesome! Its collecting all of the grit and we are filling a dumpster full of trash ,rags, etc. every week. We are going to clean out the grit chamber today which will be one day short of 2 weeks in operation. The real key are the tools you fabricated (ease of operation). The rake that fits through the grates is sweet! The tolerance is perfect and is my tool of choice over the fork. But I use all of them throughout the day as well.
As far as the overall operation it really is working wonderfully and we are getting the same feedback from our pumpers too.
Thus far totally satisfied, thank you!
Shane Macuk - Rogue Valley Sewer Services

Central Point, OR


Sediment that accumulates in on-site storage tanks can become difficult and painstaking to remove. It's much easier to filter it first.

The time proven Grit Eliminator from Screenco Systems is designed to harness simple gravity to keep your on-site storage grit free. Large onsite receiving plants have benefited from our extra large open top 152 cubic foot Grit Eliminator which can be lined with 1/2" plastic liner for easy cleanout with trackhoe. Ideal for concrete slurry cleanup and removal.

Features include:

Stainless steel channel with removable stainless baffles for easy clean-out.

Light-weight aluminum lids with gaskets and simple cam over fasteners allowing easy access for maintenance and cleaning. Our Grit Eliminators are portable with 8” cam inlet and outlet and 6" cam inlet and outlet on small model. Set at a 2% grade between the inlet and outlet.
The grit removal system simply cams into the flow stream of any of our dual screen units once the trash has been removed. The unit can also be placed in any on site flow stream for easy grit removal. Grit capacity of 20 - 96 cubic feet before cleanout is necessary.

Clamp handles for suction hose & pipe.