I wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying our new Screenco screen.  We have been unloading our septage through a rotary screen for twelve years now and have just dealt with the difficulty of it plugging up and having to stop the process to clear the screen.  Our new Screenco screen is a dream to use.  There are no moving parts and the screen surface area is large enough to complete a difficult dump while dealing with heavy trash.  The setup is user friendly and clean and the small footprint of the equipment allows so much flexibility in the arrangement of equipment.  This is the best investment I’ve made yet!!
Thanks again,
Vince Gannon - Westwood Sanitation

Westwood, CA


We have the septage receiving station and grit eliminator up and running and couldn't be more pleased with the performance of all the equipment. I'll send you some photos of the final installation when I get things organized.

Andres Garcia

West Montrose Sanitation District


Hi Scott,
We received the ScreenCo unit yesterday and it seems to be a simple system … that works!  It’s much better than the automated (machine) we used. Within 30 minutes of it coming through our gate, it was setup and had a septic truck dumping to it. Two more trucks came in this morning and it is getting the job done.,
Chris Hill - Greenville Utilities  


US PATENT #D757,889 


Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the performance of the Screenco unit (Maxi Screen). It was simple to set up and quick to make a few minor modifications for our particular application. We had it running the next morning after delivery and we have already seen the time and effort it saves us on “heavier” loads, compared to our rotary drum screening unit.
The design, materials and fabrication are all top quality.  We definitely feel that we got the quality unit we needed.  The delivery went smoothly too as the driver kept us in the loop on his location and ETA.  So thanks for providing a quality product and delivery service.  We look forward to many years (and gallons) using our Maxi Screen!
Chris Ravenscroft

Honesdale, PA


US PATENT #D757,889 Dual Screen Design. Screen includes all the same great features as the rest of the screening systems line.  Includes 20.5 square feet of screening area.  The system allows for gravity off load of 500 GPM through a custom dump hose that telescopes and pivots latterly, with a 6” rear cam outlet.  A fan spreader deflects waste down onto the screen, making the front screen virtually self-cleaning.  The patented Dual Screen Design is unique, totally non-mechanical, and uses gravity to separate the trash from the waste stream.  The standard Screen features all aluminum construction with stainless-steel 3/8” gapped bar screens on opposing angles.  Screen meets the Ecology 503 Regulations and will not plug with rags or trash.  Simple raking to the trash drain tray with custom stainless steel cleaning tools provided makes for a simple clean out through the universal 7’ folding trash chute.  Bolt on chute assembly allows for trash exit in either direction.  Built in fork lift skids make the unit portable allowing for set up virtually anywhere.  OSHA compliant aluminum cat walk included.  Maxi Screen 400 also available in all stainless-steel construction and optional 4” cam inlet.     

We have the unit installed and it works great.

If you should have anyone in our area wanting to see what they are like feel free to refer them our way and we can show them ours. Thank you for all of your support.

Marshall Horstmann
North Judson, IN


The Maxi Screen 400

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