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Clamp handles for suction hose & pipe.

It (Grit Eliminator & Mega Screen) works awesome! It's collecting all of the grit and we are filling a dumpster full of trash ,rags, etc. every week. We are going to clean out the grit chamber today which will be one day short of 2 weeks in operation. The real key are the tools you fabricated (ease of operation). The rake that fits through the grates is sweet! The tolerance is perfect and is my tool of choice over the fork. But I use all of them throughout the day as well.
As far as the overall operation it really is working wonderfully and we are getting the same feedback from our pumpers too.
Thus far totally satisfied, thank you!
Shane Macuk - Rogue Valley Sewer Services

Central Point, OR


​​​​​Screen includes all the same great features as the rest of the screening systems line.  Includes 51 square feet of screening area, fed by a 6” or 8” inlet with dual fan spreaders deflecting waste down onto the screen making front screen virtually self-cleaning.  Complete Industrial Vac Tank cleanout is capable with the optional side and front splash sheeting.  This allows for Vac Truck to simply back over the front of the unit and raise rear tank-opening and hoist for full tank clean out.  Processes up to 1,000 GPM with 6" inlet or up to 1,600 GPM with optional 8" inlet, of wet well or septic waste, and 8” cam outlet fitting.  This Screen is second to none in the industry for its volume and ease of trash removal.  The patented Dual Screen Design is unique and totally non-mechanical and uses gravity to separate trash from the waste stream.  The standard unit features all aluminum construction with stainless-steel 3/8” gapped bar screens on opposing angles and meet the Ecology 503 Regulations for septic screening.  The Screen can be set up with a single 6” or 8” inlet hose or two 4” inlet hoses capable of offloading two trucks simultaneously.  The Screen will not plug with rags or trash.  Simple raking to the trash drain tray with the custom stainless-steel cleaning tools provided make for a simple cleanout through the 7’ universal folding trash chute.  Bolt on chute assembly allows for trash exit in either direction.  Built in forklift skids make the unit portable allowing for setup virtually anywhere.  OSHA compliant aluminum catwalk included.  Mega Screen 800 also available in all stainless-steel construction.Mega-Screen 800 setup is now available with bypass and knife gate on trash opening for unattended headworks inflow 8" @ 1600 GPM. 

The Mega Screen 800

Our ScreenCo Mega Screen gives us a quick and easy way to unload and cleanout our Vactor (truck).  We couldn’t be happier with this unit. For my use and what I do the size is great.
The Mega Screen is an alternative to using a drying bed for us here at OWS (Aqua Engineers )
Our drying bed is 15 miles away and about a 1-hour drive time, this Mega Screen allows us to dewater on site and clean out the tank.
Thanks again for the great unit and transaction

Aaron Strom - OWS (Aqua Engineers)

Kalaheo Hawaii, HI


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