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Maxi Screen 400


The Maxi-Screen 400 includes all the same great features as the rest of the screening systems line.  Includes 20.5 square feet of screening area.  The system allows for gravity off load of 500 GPM through a custom dump hose that telescopes and pivots latterly, with a 6” rear cam outlet.  A fan spreader deflects waste down onto the screen, making the front screen virtually self-cleaning.

The patented Dual Screen Design is unique, totally non-mechanical, and uses gravity to separate the trash from the waste stream.  The standard Screen features all aluminum construction with stainless-steel 3/8” gapped bar screens on opposing angles.  Screen meets the Ecology 503 Regulations and will not plug with rags or trash.  Simple raking to the trash drain tray with custom stainless steel cleaning tools provided makes for a simple clean out through the universal 7’ folding trash chute.


 Bolt on chute assembly allows for trash exit in either direction.  Built in fork lift skids make the unit portable allowing for set up virtually anywhere.  OSHA compliant aluminum cat walk included.  Maxi Screen 400 also available in all stainless-steel construction and optional 4” cam inlet.

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