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Patz Pumps & Conveyors

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Patz Shaft Drive Pumps

The Patz line is a great fit for ScreencoSystems. Proven in the Ag and Dairy Industry for 68 years. There is no other pump design like this in the septic and grease handling industry today. Patz unique vertical pit pumps offer a fast and efficient way of mixing and pumping at the same time. The shaft drive pumps can be used in above ground or underground storage tanks and include choices of single phase or three phase electric motors. Features include high solids and grit capacities with large centrifugal pumps and hardened steel impellers. High capacities include the 3333 series up to 500 GPM 4444 series up to 1580 GPM and pit depths from 3' to 12'8". The 6000 and 8000 series 3 point hitch with PTO drive, offer up to 3500 GPM and pit depths from 6' to 12'. All pumps can be used with an agitator nozzle to mix and pump fast. The 616 vertical prop agitator is capable of mixing at 9000 GPM keeping grit and solids mixed with pit depths of 6' to 16'.

Patz Conveyor Systems

Patz conveying systems are proven in the Ag and Dairy industry since 1948. Their conveying systems move material efficiently and cost effectively. The 8912, 8916 or the 1608 belt conveying systems feature belt widths of 12" or 16", smooth or textured belts for cold weather materials with 10' sections up to 20' spans available. These conveyor systems can be used to move biosolids, trash or any other bulk material to disposal or onsite storage. Add a 10', 8912 model to any one of ScreencoSystems screening units to move trash to dumpster or storage. Belt speeds of 65 FPM up to 370 FPM with inclines from 15° to 30° and belt drive or gear box direct drive electric motors. Patz systems also include steel chain or rubber flite conveyors for material handling.


Patz 616 Vertical electric prop agitator

Pivots easily, fast agitating, quick consistent blending of dairy or hog manure.
Energy Efficient low horsepower requirements!  Use 7-1/2, 10, or 15 HP electric motor. Unique seal system extends gearbox and bearing life.
Abrasion-resisting steel propeller blades & shear plate with stainless steel hardware below the liquid line for    long life.
Agitator available in various lengths from 6 to 16 feet    (1.8 to 4.8 m).  
Easy lube with convenient ‘above pit’ oil and grease lines.
Easy view oil level monitoring.
Easy to install anchored pivot allows precise positioning to agitate entire pit.

Patz 400 Material Mover

The simplicity of design and layout flexibility of Patz Material Movers make these systems easy to adapt to your needs as an economical investment. As your material moving needs grow and change, optional equipment or new units can be added to keep pace with individual requirements. We offer chain lengths up to 400 feet.


The 400 Material Mover, made of 11-gauge HSLA steel, handles big jobs and moves material long distances. Available as a complete bolt-together unit, or sections can be connected to concrete channel via a hold down post, or cemented in below floor level.


Transport materials horizontally, around corners and up inclines.

Ideal for conveying weed scraps, bark and other similar rigid materials.

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