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Trash Master 600


The all new Trash Master 600 Auto Screen uses gravity to separate the trash from the flow stream through a 6” Inlet with Dual Fan Spreaders. Capable of power offloading Vacuum Trucks with a single 6” offload or 2-4” offloads at the same time at a rate of up to 800 gpm. Met by no one else in the industry. Aluminum Hopper (optional Stainless Steel), with 8” Outlet Cam and 3/8”gaped ¼” Stainless Steel Bar Screen; meets the Ecology 503 Regulations. The Stainless-steel U-Channel with Plastic Lined Titanium UHMW provides for years of wear, with a high strength alloy steel 11 ½” Shaftless Screw which moves trash to a waste container.

The Stainless-Steel U-Channel has slotted drain holes and a center channel bar screen for cleaner and dryer trash. A custom-built Stainless-Steel bar rake and cleaning brush are included for easy maintenance. Front and rear Spray Bar with one gpm nozzles keep the unit clean and free of buildup. The lower cover contains two built in one gpm nozzles for cleaner trash. Lever hold-downs allow for easy removal of the covers to access the U-channel and shaftless screw conveyor.


A 3 HP Nord gear reduction drive with Lenze VFD Control accomplishes a variable speed screw from 6-28 rpms. Simple 220 single phase plug and play. Adjustable legs and Fork Skids allow for easy movement of unit. Includes an OSHA Compliant Cat Walk for maintenance and viewing. Patent Pending design is a simple Septic Receiving Station with one moving part. The least expensive Auto Trash Screen on the market. Built by a company in the industry with years of plant experience. Work Smarter, Not Harder!

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